Fred hat geantwortet!

Hello Yulia,

I hope you arrived safely on the island and you can enjoy your break, even if you understandably would rather stay with Frank. 😊 But I was in Berlin and I witnessed Frank and I know to which unbelievable heights of overwhelming pleasure he takes the women. It’s just not of this world. It’s like you have written: If you havent seen it, you can’t understand it. You can’t really describe it with words, even if we tried that on the blog many times.
I have seen the women afterwards: The shaking, how they are unconscious, I have seen the phantom orgasmus, I have seen the big recovery areas. It’s like you are walking into a war hospital  😊. So I know that it is important for you and the girls to recover from time to time, even if you have THE ABILITY.
Which is really amazing when I look at your photos. 1,57 and 43 kg, yes, you are such a beautiful and sexy and small and slim WOMAN! And then imagining you taking those huge brutal cocks, cocks  even bigger than Franks, deep inside you. That is so hot! I mean I have seen that. In Berlin I have seen Girls even slimmer then you when they are fucked by those 40cm monstercocks. Their hole body seems to be filled with cock. You can see the veins of the cock through the body of the girl. Chris already wrote you the german word that Frank uses: Fickhülle or Fickschlauch. 😳😊 Imagening the looks of you drenched in cum as you wrote and filled with those cocks… 😍😱 And then being able to function afterwards and not having your central nervous system collapsing, that really is an astonishing ABILITY!
I can’t really describe to you what it meant for me (and Chris) to get these photos. Again, thank you so much! Your pictures triggered a lot of things in me. They mean much more to Chris and me than just looking at beautiful sexy women.
But it is also not easy. I think you know how we feel: When you met Frank for the first time and he fucked you and you didn’t see him for a long time after that, it was hard for you. You longed for him so much. But still you we’re in Berlin and you could have all the other unbelievable men there. The men in Berlin, they are just from another planet (like the women).
But we, the fuck-family, we went from a our (more or less 😊) normal lifes into the secret and hidden world of Berlin, stayed there for one week and then had to go back to our normal lifes. We all knew that would be hard. But we didn’t know how hard it was going to be. Because we didn’t know how unbelievable and life changing Berlin really would be!
Of course our lives before Berlin wear not ordinary lives. I always had a pretty strong Sex live and I am considered very potent and well endowed in the normal world. When Julia brought Mia, Celine Chris in myself together it was an instant match between us four. And I new a guy in Cologne. He has a big mansion where we met with a lot of other men and there we had this orgies with the two young girls and we pleasures them and gave them what they deserved 😜.
Nearly all of the men in the mansion in Cologne had/have way above average cocks, so the young girls had a good training.  😊. And Chris and me also, because we could gather some experience how feels when you are surrounded by a lot of other big cocks.
So we didn’t drive to Berlin totally unprepared, WE THOUGHT! 🙄 But from the first moment when we were picked up at Berlin HBF by one of Franks assistants, WE realized: NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU FOR BERLIN!
It was another planet! A world of sexual wonders! It’s almost too much to get into your head and to process. When you finally leave Berlin you are changed forever and left with this insatiable desire that almost devours you. You know that feeling, I think.
And it is still a challenge for all of us to cope with the aftermath of that week in Berlin. Frank is so busy, he can’t help us, so you sending us some pictures means the world to us! You and the other girls are so hot and sexy and beautiful. Like Chris also wrote: You Kind of nearly apologising for nit being sexx enough ist so absurd… I don’t know where to start! I wrote on the blog that you are a goddess to me and I mean that!
But on the other Hand I know the effect, that Berlin can have on you. I am a very self confident man when it comes to my masculinity and my sexuality. I know I am very very potent and I have a very big cock and the women almost stand in line, so to speak, to have sex with me. It was always that way. I am what you would maybe call an Alpha Male. I can say that with no false vanity. But I came to Berlin and suddenly I found myself at the very end of the food chain!! These man there are so much much more man than me! So much more!!!! At the beginning it was very intimidating for me. I never felt so small, directly and also figuratively spoken. Same goes for Chris.
But we adapted quick because the women there we’re so breathtaking and we were so horny like never before in our lifes. And of course I know, that all the women we met there, were instructed by Frank to make it heaven for us, despite our shortcomings. And they did!
But after Berlin it really took a while for us men to get at least some of our self confidence back. When I was looking at my hard cock, it looked so small after Berlin! But it hadn’t shrunk, it still was my big thick hard cock that the women were craving for, but for me it felt small!
And therefore I can imagine that it’s maybe kind of the same for a woman, even for such a beautiful woman like you. The women you describe as Top Class or BTWR-wonders etc. … I think I know what you are talking about. I have seen (and fucked 🙏😍🤪) those kind of women in Berlin. In fact Chris and me had a kind of big welcome committee, consisting solely out of these women from another planet, as we call them. You call them Top Class, but I would rather call them women from another planet or sexual wonders. The female corrspondent to those male sexual wonders with their 40+cocks.
But you are Top Class! TOP CLASS!l A goddess.
And I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be so great if we could get some more pictures. For example of Ekaterina or the beautiful asian girl that’s in one of the pictures with you or of the other ones. Or pictures of women that were in Berlin during our time there. That would be the greatest for us. I am sure you understand why.
Kisses and adoration,

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  • Thomas Durchschnitts-Schwanz

    ich kann gar nicht so viel schreiben wie geil und auch überfordert ich bin wegen dem was hier zur Zeit abgeht!!

    Einfach KRASS

  • BigBoyJules

    Kann gar nicht sagen wie ich euch beneide!

    Danke an Julia, Fred und Chris auch dass wir das mitlesen dürfen!

    Bin jetzt zum Ficken mit zwei sehr geilen Stuten verabredet. Die zwei haben mich noch nicht live erlebt, kennen nur Fotos von meinem Rohr. Bin so aufgegeilt durch das alles hier. Noch mehr als sonst sowieso schon immer. ,😜 Die beiden haben bestimmt große Erwartungen (wegen meiner Schwanzfotos), aber sie haben keine Ahnung wie aufgegeilt ich bin und wie heftig ich sie jetzt gleich durchficken werde!!

    Das haben sie alles Julia (und Yulia) zu verdanken. 🙂

    Julia, weißt du wann Mia und Celine wiederkommen? Mein Schwanz ist so geil auf ihre unersättlichen Löcher! Aber sie haben ja geschrieben, sie hatten 38 cm !!!!!!!!!!!!! auf der Privat-Insel. Wie soll ich da mithalten können?!!!

    Und Frank hat 28 cm 😳?!!? Stimmt das Julia?!!!

    Kann Fred verstehen, man kommt sich auf einmal fast klein vor bei solchen HÄMMERN!!! Auf einmal am unteren Ende der Nahrungskette wie er schreibt. 28 cm ist schon gigantisch und die Mädchen schreiben ja, es sieht aus wie über 30, was ich mir gut vorstellen kann wen er so extrem steif und prall und dick ist. Stimmt es denn echt, ich meine die 28? Und 38 sind nicht mal 10 cm mehr!!!!!! Hast du solche 38er-Prügel schon gesehen, Julia? Ich meine Fotos oder in Natura?

    Geile Küsse,

    • Habe eine Mail erhalten von Anet. Patrick und die beiden Mädels müssen auf der Insel bleiben bzw, Patrick im Hotel. Der Besuch ist hochkarätig und es darf nix schief gehen.
      Ja, die Maße stimmen!

  • Thomas Durchschnitts-Schwanz

    Können wir die auch zu lesen bekommen?! BITTE! Ist die auch so geil wie Yulia? Wie viele Frauen von Frank schreiben denn jetzt hier?!!!!!!

    Fuck, 28 cm!!!! Julia hast du dir das mal am Zollstock angeguckt?!!!! Und dann auch die 38??!!!

  • Thomas Durchschnitts-Schwanz

    Gefunden. Die ist aber versteckt….

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